Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be defined as technologies that use the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. This allows for various users and businesses to use applications without installation on their local machines as well as being able to access their files at any computer provided they have an internet connection at hand.

Kache Solutions provides flexible and custom cloud solutions for any business, big or small guaranteed to meet their various needs.

Benefits of Cloud Computing.

  • Lower initial capital costs and predictable recurring expenses: Cloud services virtually eliminate the need for large up-front infrastructure investment, and are typically subscription-based. This shift to operating costs rather than initial capital expenditures results in a healthier balance sheet.
  • Greater agility and scalability: The cloud provides greater agility and scalability to adapt to changing workloads and needs with high availability and quicker deployment. Cloud services allow medium business customers to easily adjust as their business needs evolve. Customers can scale up or down more quickly without significant resource investment. In addition, deployments are much faster, reducing the expense and disruption of lengthy on-site projects.
  • Enhanced ability to focus on strategic initiatives: Because cloud services generally result in lower IT expenses and greater capabilities, they allow businesses to place greater focus on strategic initiatives. Cloud services simplify deployment and management processes for basic IT services, reducing management time and enabling IT resources to be aligned to efforts that provide greater added value.
  • More rapid development at a lower cost: The cloud enables rapid development and makes it easier to share information across boundaries, harness massive computing power, and employ storage on demand.